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i don't like staying home during the day.

Okayy today alright I guess. I woke up, went out with my dad, and then slept from 8:30-12. My best friend HALEYYY called, and we talked for a pretty long time about stuff. I was going to go to the mall with her and Kristin buut noo I had to watch my little sister, etc etc. I don't know, hopefully I'll get to hang out with Haley soon. I haven't seen her in a really long time.. Oohh and Kristin's leaving tomorrow too. She's going to JO's in Salt Lake..(gooodd lucckk!!).. then Chicago for this setters camp(have funn!!) and thenn London to see her daddyy!(yayy.) Yeah then after I got off the phone with Haley, I cleaned up a little bit.. and Casey Mammoth and Ralph were over. I hadn't seen Casey in like 8438567837384 years, so it was cool to see him. Okayy well I don't remember anything else from today except that I ate. Good bye.

<33 aprrriiiill
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