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Ummm.. okaayyy I'm really bored right now, and I ate too many carrots. I'm proudd of my brother. lol read his lj whoresss. And I couldn't fall asleep period last night. It was really gay. Umm I went out today with my dad, came home.. watched Free Willy 3??? with my sister. That was okayyy, killer whales scare the shiit outta me. OOh and I saw some thing on sharks. It was interesting. I also cleaned. Oh and I just made mashed potatoes.. they're not really mashed potatoes though.. so that sucked pretty badd. I also took a nap today. I wanted to do something, but there wasn't really anything to do. Ohh Chris Carson, Ryan, and Gary threw poppers at me.. always nice of them. Chris says he's going to give me firework lessons, rightt. Okay well tomorrow I'm making biscuts in the morning. Seee if I ever wanna get married, I need to learn how to cook/bake better.. soo might as well start off with biscuts.

♥ april lynn.
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