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I hung out with my brother, Mammoth, Ralph, Casey, && Cody for a lot of the earlier afternoon. It was fun. Those guys are funny as hell. Then I talked to my bestt friendd on the phone for a really long time. I ate. Watched Raise Your Voice or whatever with my sister.. and noww.. yeah. BLEH I WAS GOING TO GO WITH ASHLEYYY TO HER LAKEHOUSEE THIS WEEKEND BUT I DON'T THINK IT'S GOING TO WORK OUT BECAUSE BLEHH. (other plans) I MISS HERRR. ohhh well I guess.

i think i get to see misss laurenn francione tomorrow. i miss her sooo muuucchhh, i haven't seen her in over a month.. soo hopefully we'll get to hang out tomorrow because im dyingg that i haven't seen one of my best friends in so long.

loveee aprrriiil.
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