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school workshop.

I went to the workshop/school thing. It was a lot of fun actually, but too longgggggg. Uhhh a bunch of stuff went on, there was a bunch of nerdy kids there.. but the kids from our school are definitely cool. Anddd.. basically, the highlight of my day was lunch. Jarrett took Zach, Madison, && I out for lunch. I didn't get anything, but I will tomorrow. We went to Sonic and hung out there for a while. We stopped at my house too so that I could drop off stuff, then we headed back. Umm.. I was the subject of a conversation for a VERYYY long time.. It was weird I guess.. Thennn I just did a whole bunch of shit. Zach, Jarrett, and I had to work on endsheets and the cover of the book.. buut I think Melissa is doing that so I'm happy I don't have a deadline anymore. Okaayyy then at 4 something, I called my mommaa andd she came and picked me and Madison up, we dropped Madison off.. and now I'm home. later.

<33 april.
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