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i really like surveys when i'm bored.

Who, What, Where, When, How :: Survey

1) Who is your favorite relative? my uncle cary. he's cool.
2) Who is your best friend(s)? haley. kristin. lauren. lisa. jackie. boys - mammoth. chris c. austin.
3) Who is your least liked singer/actor/actress/blah? i don't like cameron diaz very much.
4) Favorite singer/actor/actress/blah? i'm going to marry christopher meloni even though he's married && old.
5) Who was (or is) your favorite teacher? ms. hudgens in fifth grade.

6) What is your favorite tv show? family guy.
7) What is your favorite vacation spot? gulf shores, alabama.
8) What is your favorite age (so far)? 14.
9) What is the most unique thing you can do? nothing.
10) What annoys you the most? liars.

11) Where do you go to check your mail? my curb.
12) Where do you like to eat? at home.
13) Where is your toothbrush at this moment? in the bathroom.
14) Where is the nearest playground? umm the one next to the pavilion.
15) Where do you feel the most comfortable? my house.

16) When do you celebrate your birthday? on my birthday? it's in 3 days i think.
17) When is your next big event? what big event?
18) When is your bedtime? i don't know.
19) When are you going to drink out of a plastic cup? whenever i get thirsty.
20) When was your last doctor's appointment? earlier this year.

21) How do you get around most of the time? walking or getting a ride.
22) How do you get "unbored"? talk.
23) How do you ask a stranger where the bathroom is? "do you know where the restrooms are?"
24) How do you sit in a chair? one leg under my other leg, and that other leg sits normally in a chair.
25) How are you sitting in a chair (or whatever your sitting on, an exercise ball?, hah!) right now? the way i explained before.

Best Friends/Friends:
=Friend that you've known the longest: ashley.
=Friend that knows you the best: haley.
=Friend that you used to like: there's a few.
=Friend that has the biggest house: too many.
=Friend that goes shopping with you all the time: i don't know.
=Friend that you would spend all summer with: with my 3 bestt best friends.
=Friend that you would spend watching stupid movies with: austin.
=Friend that you'd go bowling with: lauren f and jackie.
=Friend that you have the most fights with: i'm not sure.
=Friend that you like: i don't like anyone.
=Friend that annoys you the most: umm.. i don't really know.
=Friend that plays pranks on you: there's a couple of them.
=Friend that make stupid jokes, but you still think they are funny: hah idk.
=Friend that gives you the best presents: haley. kristin. lisa.
=Friend that calls you all the time: chris c.
=Friend that makes you random cards and sends random e-mails: megan.
=Friend that is the funniest: mammoth.
=Friend that you don't call too often: megan.
=Friend that you call all the time: idk.
=Friend that has a similar background: my brother.
=Friend that lives in the same neighborhood: the exact neighborhood, lisa.
=Friend that lives the farthest away: ashley.
=Friend that you just met: uhhh.. idk.
=Friend that is athletic: lauren f.
=Friend that is smart: jakeyyy b. boiiiii.
=Friend that knows everything about computers: zach.
=Friend that is older than you (by more than a year): too many.
=Friend that is younger that you (by more than a year): lauren h.
=Friend that has the same birthday: chelsea.
=Friend that you do odd things with: haley and lauren f.
=Friend that goes to the pool with you a lot: i don't go to the pool.
=Friend that has the best senses of style: i'm not sure.
=Friend that collects things with you: no one?
=Friend that never gets mad at you: hah everyone eventually gets mad at me.
=Friend that you never want to lose: haley. because she is my best friend. i don't want to lose anyone else ether.
=Friend that won't be your friend if you change: i'm not sure..
=Friend that will take this survey after you: lol idkkk.

Just About Everything

Name: april.
Nicknames: apple. indiana. etc.
Eye Color: brown.
Height: 5'
Weight: 109.
Body Type: short.
Sign: leo.
Birthdate: 8.3.90
School: cy-falls.
Hair color: i'm not sure.
Relationship Status: single.
Shoe Size: 7.5
Clothing Style: i don't know.
Screennames: oxapril08xo
Email: i have two.

What You Like To Do
Do you play any sports? no.
Do you play any instruments? no.
Do you have any hobbies? taking pictures.
What is your favorite thing to do? hanging around with people.

How often do you...
Eat? every couple hours..
Watch TV? everyday.
Cook? i don't cook.
Get online? everyday.
Talk on the phone? every other day maybe.
Take a shower? everyday.
Go outside? idk.
Swim? idk.
Run? occasionally.
Go bike riding? my bike broke.
Sleep? everyday.
Go to the amusement park? once in awhile.
Go to the beach? not sure.
Go to the mall? atleast twice a month.
Shop? look above dummyy.
Paint? i don't paint.
Draw? when i have paper.
Go tanning? when i feel like it.
Get your nails done? when my mom is in a good mood.
Listen to music? everyday.

Food: anything from chick-fil-a or subway.
Shoe brand: doesn't matter.
Clothing brand: hollister.
Food brand: kroger brand??
Flavor: sour.
Store: hollister and target.
TV Show: family guy.
Movie: raising arizona.
Movie Line: "i'm not your fucking mommy."
Fruit: peach.
Vegetable: broccoli.
Song: last way out of here.
Song lyrics: "just like candy, you know it's so addictive."
Band: the honorary title.
Site: myspace.

What are you wearing? shirt and shorts.
What are you listening to? nothing.
Is there anything else you are doing besides this survey? drinking orange soda.
What is your favorite song? last way out of here.
Where are you? my computer room.
What time is it? 5:55.
How do you feel? tired.
Are your nails painted? my toenails are.
Are you bored? yeahhhh.
What month is it? july.
What day is it? 31st.. sunday.


How often do you paint your nails? occasionally.
Are they painted right now? my toenails.
What color? black.
Do you get your hair highlighted? yeah sometimes.
If so, what colors & how often? i highlight my hair either blonde or bronze. and it's highlighted right now. i color my hair either brown, red, or blonde.. and it's been auburn, dark auburn, dark brown, bronze, red red, and i don't remember.
Have you ever gotten a manicure? yeah.
If so, how often? sometimes.
What is your favorite beauty salon? beauty brands.
Do you like to go shopping? yeahhh.
What is your favorite mall? memorial city.
How much do you usually spend on 1 trip to the mall? in between $20-$170
What color do you want to be your car to be? silver.
Do you pop your collar? uhh no.
Do you make sure that you are in style with everyone else when it comes to clothes? not really.
Do you care what other people think of you? not usually.
Do you get jealous if someone is prettier or better than you? sometimes.
Do you think you're pretty? no.
Which celebrity do you think you are most like? no idea.
Have you ever been a Barbie for Halloween? no, but that's a good idea. i could be theresa.
Are you friends with more girls or guys? guys.
Do you have one friend you hang out with or many different? many different.
How many bathing suits do you have? 4-5.
How long do you wait until you rewear something? i don't know. a week.
Do you compare yourself to other people? yeah.
Do you diet? yeah. i'm sorta on one right now.
Are you afraid to eat a lot around guys? noo.
Do you go more for preps or skaters? skaters i guess.
What do you consider yourself? me.
What is a typical weekend with you & your friends? hanging around somewhere.
Do you consider yourself a girly girl? sorta.
Do you get ready for hours before a date? 2.
Do you try to look perfect everyday? pshhh noo. you can ask anyone and everyone that's ever been over to my house, i usually look like crap.
Do you carry a purse with you everywhere? nope. i don't really like purses. they get in the way.
Do you have a cell? not yet.
Do you carry a mirror around with you? no.
Do you carry a brush around with you? not usually.
Are you the type to fix your make up & brush your hair in class? once in awhile.

♥ april.
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