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tomorrow is school.

I'm bored, it's raining, school's tomorrow. GAY. I feel like getting my nails done, so I might go and do that today. I don't know yet because of the dumbass rain. I'm hungry too. I want coco pebbles. OHH yeahhh... hahah. Yesterday, Lisa came over for a little while, andd she brought this crazyy ass video over from eighth grade. Haahh it was the funniest shiit ever. I had to be Tinkerbelle in class, I sounded && looked so duumbbb. I had a backwards shirt on and stuff. It was pretty embarrassing but it was a good laugh. I sweaar, everyone thinks they're so cool in middle school.. and then you look back on that crap like two years later, and you realize you were the gayest kid ever. :P hah jkk. but yeahh. That was my highlight. Noow, I'm going to go eat andd then I have to go fix my little sister's hair for meet the teacher or something. She's going into fifthh grade. She needs to learn how to stay home alone now. Okayy bye.


i love you.
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