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I hated today. Holy crap, I had the worst first day ever. First off, it was humid outside.. my hair got into a mess, my bus was late. I got to school late. First period is Biology K. My first period is full of fucking freshmen... not that that's bad BUT they're gay ass freshmen who say dumb shit. My second period is full of fucking freshmen too. I have Communication Applications. My friend in there is Jon H. Third period is good I guess, because Austin IS in there. And the teacher is letting us sit next to each other. Soo yeah, that's cool.. and that's Geometry. I have Yearbook fourth period obviously. Andd I'm going to take 3rd lunch because Kristin and Lauren have it. Buut I didn't get to eat today because I was too damn fucking busy doing interviews, coming up with topics, getting schedules, helping FRESHMEN find their classes. No offense to them, but I never had such a hard time finding my classes.. I can understand some, but I mean.. not being able to find the gym and shit.. ughh idk. My fifth period is World History.. yeahhhh dumbass kids in there. I don't like anyone at all in that dumb class. My teacher is such a fucking hick too. I think she puts it on too. Andd English is sixth. Uhhh, definitely nooo friends in there. OOh yeah, and my bus was a sub today! How lovely! I'm going to find a ride. Nooot to mention, my last two classes expect me to bring my textbooks for grades like everyday.. definitely every day for history.. plus binders and shit. Yeahhh no, I'm not carrying that shit, buuut no time to go to my locker. I haaaaate this so much. Okayy so basically, I don't see anyone at all except for maybe once for a split second. I haaaate school. I hate it a lot, this year is going to suck major ass. :(

.. so how did everyone else's day go? hopefully much better.

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