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You might be my lucky star <3

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Sunday, August 14th, 2005
12:21 am - new livejournal.
new livejournal.

add.. aprilxduhh

current mood: indescribable
hearts broken
Friday, August 12th, 2005
3:31 pm - this sucks i think..
I hate it that now there's finally one guy that makes me really nervous whenever I see him.

<33 april.

i want to be wrong but, no one here wants to fight me like you do.

I hung out with like.. 8 of the guys today for a little bit. Thenn.. at like 8 something, Chachi, Erich, Gary, and I walked to Wendy's to eat stuff. I bought Gary and Erich food, oohh and I got food tooo. Andd we hung outt.. Oh, and Chris D. and Daniel were there but left like right after we came in because they had plans I guess. Anyyway, I hung out with those 3. Erich and I like ate the flower petals for fun and I don't know why. lol then we walked back and went swimming in mine && Gary's pool. We played chicken and stuff.. and I beat Erich. :D but that was because Kyle was sorta cheating I think. Idk, but I had fun. Okayy that's all.

current mood: weird, nervous
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Wednesday, August 10th, 2005
4:07 pm - SCHOOL IS GAY.
I hated today. Holy crap, I had the worst first day ever. First off, it was humid outside.. my hair got into a mess, my bus was late. I got to school late. First period is Biology K. My first period is full of fucking freshmen... not that that's bad BUT they're gay ass freshmen who say dumb shit. My second period is full of fucking freshmen too. I have Communication Applications. My friend in there is Jon H. Third period is good I guess, because Austin IS in there. And the teacher is letting us sit next to each other. Soo yeah, that's cool.. and that's Geometry. I have Yearbook fourth period obviously. Andd I'm going to take 3rd lunch because Kristin and Lauren have it. Buut I didn't get to eat today because I was too damn fucking busy doing interviews, coming up with topics, getting schedules, helping FRESHMEN find their classes. No offense to them, but I never had such a hard time finding my classes.. I can understand some, but I mean.. not being able to find the gym and shit.. ughh idk. My fifth period is World History.. yeahhhh dumbass kids in there. I don't like anyone at all in that dumb class. My teacher is such a fucking hick too. I think she puts it on too. Andd English is sixth. Uhhh, definitely nooo friends in there. OOh yeah, and my bus was a sub today! How lovely! I'm going to find a ride. Nooot to mention, my last two classes expect me to bring my textbooks for grades like everyday.. definitely every day for history.. plus binders and shit. Yeahhh no, I'm not carrying that shit, buuut no time to go to my locker. I haaaaate this so much. Okayy so basically, I don't see anyone at all except for maybe once for a split second. I haaaate school. I hate it a lot, this year is going to suck major ass. :(

.. so how did everyone else's day go? hopefully much better.


current mood: FUCKING pissed as hell
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Tuesday, August 9th, 2005
12:59 pm - tomorrow is school.
I'm bored, it's raining, school's tomorrow. GAY. I feel like getting my nails done, so I might go and do that today. I don't know yet because of the dumbass rain. I'm hungry too. I want coco pebbles. OHH yeahhh... hahah. Yesterday, Lisa came over for a little while, andd she brought this crazyy ass video over from eighth grade. Haahh it was the funniest shiit ever. I had to be Tinkerbelle in class, I sounded && looked so duumbbb. I had a backwards shirt on and stuff. It was pretty embarrassing but it was a good laugh. I sweaar, everyone thinks they're so cool in middle school.. and then you look back on that crap like two years later, and you realize you were the gayest kid ever. :P hah jkk. but yeahh. That was my highlight. Noow, I'm going to go eat andd then I have to go fix my little sister's hair for meet the teacher or something. She's going into fifthh grade. She needs to learn how to stay home alone now. Okayy bye.


i love you.

current mood: weird and ehh
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Thursday, August 4th, 2005
1:04 am - i had a good time.
I went out today for my birthday with my 4 best friends, Haley, Kristin, Lauren, && Jackie. It was fun. We went to Texas Roadhouse because I like their bread. I brought home bread for Gary too. I got embarrassed because they did that horsey thing where the whole restaurant sang to me since it was my birthday. That waas.. fuun. We had a lot of laughs, catching up, and tons of pictures. Hah. Ohh yeah, I got presents too. I liked them. I got money also. Andd Haley also got me pretty rings. :D

<33 april

current mood: happy
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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
12:10 am - IT'S MY BIRTHDAYYY.


current mood: giddy
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Sunday, July 31st, 2005
5:06 pm - i really like surveys when i'm bored.
four short surveys.Collapse )

current mood: bored
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Saturday, July 30th, 2005
4:37 pm - yeaahh.
I was reading Kat's entry, real friends are hard to find. Sometimes I find one.. and then I screw it up, and I lose them. And that usually sucks a lot.

Hahah I just remembered this one time I slept over Kathryn's and she was totally out of it, talking about us getting high and seeing a movie with racoons or something in it. lol that was greaatt. :)

-- I've been really bored lately. I think I'm going to apologize to my mom later on today. OOh yeah, and Apriilll being the damn lucky girl she is .. has to go to school on Monday from 7:30 to 3 for every single orientation for the 3 upper grades. Niiice.

i love all of you.

current mood: thoughtful
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Friday, July 29th, 2005
11:31 am - biiiiiitchhhh.
I'm grounded. Hah. Gary is too. Our mom is being soo gayy. I'm grounded for "venting" to my dad when he doesn't even care, and I'm also grounded for telling my mom that I don't like her calling my brother stupid. Andd then, Gary's got his whole other set of reasons for being grounded.. So yeahh, I'm "done" until after school starts. Thanks Mom! I'm going to have a REALLYY good birthday now since I'm grounded! Dumbbasss. Okay but that was all yesterday and the day before yesterday. Our house has been super gay. Anyway, umm yesterday was my last day of the workshop, it was fun. We rearranged the room. And then day before that was pretty cool too, I got all my layouts done and they look alright. Andd also Jon && Chris D. came and ate lunch with Lisa and I andd the rest of the people we were with. That was niice. Buut yeah.. ooh I saw Haley the other day also for a few minutes, I was happy. My DAD took me to her house because he's cool. Alright well I'm hungry. Bye.

<33 april.

i got this from mammoth.Collapse )

current mood: pissed off
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Monday, July 25th, 2005
7:19 pm - my mom is such a fucking bitch.
yeah so.Collapse )

current mood: pissed off
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5:00 pm - school workshop.
I went to the workshop/school thing. It was a lot of fun actually, but too longgggggg. Uhhh a bunch of stuff went on, there was a bunch of nerdy kids there.. but the kids from our school are definitely cool. Anddd.. basically, the highlight of my day was lunch. Jarrett took Zach, Madison, && I out for lunch. I didn't get anything, but I will tomorrow. We went to Sonic and hung out there for a while. We stopped at my house too so that I could drop off stuff, then we headed back. Umm.. I was the subject of a conversation for a VERYYY long time.. It was weird I guess.. Thennn I just did a whole bunch of shit. Zach, Jarrett, and I had to work on endsheets and the cover of the book.. buut I think Melissa is doing that so I'm happy I don't have a deadline anymore. Okaayyy then at 4 something, I called my mommaa andd she came and picked me and Madison up, we dropped Madison off.. and now I'm home. later.

<33 april.

current mood: tired
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Friday, July 22nd, 2005
11:27 pm - so.
I'm bored. Are you?

<33 april.

current mood: bored
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Thursday, July 21st, 2005
6:16 pm - ugh.
I have school next week. -- That's gay.

<33 april.

current mood: annoyed
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Friday, July 15th, 2005
9:28 pm - okaayy.
damn, i think i screwed up real bad.
i'm such a melodramatic person.
i'll fix that though.
tomorrow night should be fun.
&& i think i get to hang out with sara on sunday.
:) i hoopee so!

ohh yeah, and today all i did was watch tv, do an aerobics video, andd hang out with mammoth for like 2 hours i think. it was cool.

<33 april.

current mood: confused
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Monday, July 11th, 2005
11:13 pm - yeah so.
Today is my best friend Haley's birthday. I love && miss her. I don't think I'm going to see her for another 3 weeks maybe... and that sucks really bad. I didn't even get to talk to her on her birthday, I didn't call. :(

-- I just got off the phone with Kyle because he called, and now I'm bored. And I'm not tired, and I don't really like updating this thing all this muchh because I'm like addicted to myspace. Haha. The cranberry juice tastes like alcohol.

<33 april.

current mood: plaaaaayful
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Sunday, July 3rd, 2005
2:29 pm - you seem so out of context.
One month till my birthday. how gaaaay.

-- it's 9:38 right now. I saw Bewitched today with my mom and little sister, it was okay. Then us and my brother went out to eat. That was good, lol a lot of talking. and now i'm here, and I'm really really booredd. this summerr has been pretty gay i think. last year's was a hell of a lot funnerr.

hahahCollapse )

current mood: blah
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Friday, July 1st, 2005
10:26 pm - uhhh.
I hung out with my brother, Mammoth, Ralph, Casey, && Cody for a lot of the earlier afternoon. It was fun. Those guys are funny as hell. Then I talked to my bestt friendd on the phone for a really long time. I ate. Watched Raise Your Voice or whatever with my sister.. and noww.. yeah. BLEH I WAS GOING TO GO WITH ASHLEYYY TO HER LAKEHOUSEE THIS WEEKEND BUT I DON'T THINK IT'S GOING TO WORK OUT BECAUSE BLEHH. (other plans) I MISS HERRR. ohhh well I guess.

i think i get to see misss laurenn francione tomorrow. i miss her sooo muuucchhh, i haven't seen her in over a month.. soo hopefully we'll get to hang out tomorrow because im dyingg that i haven't seen one of my best friends in so long.

loveee aprrriiil.

current mood: laughy/spinny
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Tuesday, June 28th, 2005
6:49 pm - lALA.
Ummm.. okaayyy I'm really bored right now, and I ate too many carrots. I'm proudd of my brother. lol read his lj whoresss. And I couldn't fall asleep period last night. It was really gay. Umm I went out today with my dad, came home.. watched Free Willy 3??? with my sister. That was okayyy, killer whales scare the shiit outta me. OOh and I saw some thing on sharks. It was interesting. I also cleaned. Oh and I just made mashed potatoes.. they're not really mashed potatoes though.. so that sucked pretty badd. I also took a nap today. I wanted to do something, but there wasn't really anything to do. Ohh Chris Carson, Ryan, and Gary threw poppers at me.. always nice of them. Chris says he's going to give me firework lessons, rightt. Okay well tomorrow I'm making biscuts in the morning. Seee if I ever wanna get married, I need to learn how to cook/bake better.. soo might as well start off with biscuts.

♥ april lynn.

current mood: loopy
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Monday, June 27th, 2005
8:26 pm - i don't like staying home during the day.
Okayy today alright I guess. I woke up, went out with my dad, and then slept from 8:30-12. My best friend HALEYYY called, and we talked for a pretty long time about stuff. I was going to go to the mall with her and Kristin buut noo I had to watch my little sister, etc etc. I don't know, hopefully I'll get to hang out with Haley soon. I haven't seen her in a really long time.. Oohh and Kristin's leaving tomorrow too. She's going to JO's in Salt Lake..(gooodd lucckk!!).. then Chicago for this setters camp(have funn!!) and thenn London to see her daddyy!(yayy.) Yeah then after I got off the phone with Haley, I cleaned up a little bit.. and Casey Mammoth and Ralph were over. I hadn't seen Casey in like 8438567837384 years, so it was cool to see him. Okayy well I don't remember anything else from today except that I ate. Good bye.

<33 aprrriiiill

current mood: okay
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Sunday, June 26th, 2005
8:11 pm - i'M pathetic.
Hah. I had a really good Sunday. I spent 7 straight hours, watching 7 episodes of Law&Order: SVU. I like that show a lol a lot. Soo since 1pm today, that's how I've spent my Sunday. :)

current mood: content
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